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Your entire home is made up of pipe after pipe. You find water in your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, laundry room, tub,

and toilet.


To keep that water supply flowing right, you need a plumber with the skills and know-how when things go wrong; so call us for professional services today.

Residential services

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Your business needs plumbing as much as your home does and when things go wrong, most often, you don't have time to fix it yourself. That's when you call the experts.


We can do the job in a hassle-free manner that will make you a repeat customer.

For exceptional repairs, you know where

to turn.

Commercial services

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Deal with the boss every time you come to us for a plumbing mishap. We also clean water heaters, drain lines, waste lines and much more.


Our local, owner-operated business offers personal and professional service for all your plumbing needs. Call us when that water just won't go down.

A plumber you can depend on

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Take advantage of our discounts for military families and seniors 55 and older!

We fix what your

husband repaired

Don't let those leaks and backups get you down when you have Middle Georgia Plumbing & Repair by your side. We'll fix what's broken in your home or business in a flash.

Call us for expert plumbing services today!